Getting a Social Media Job in Cork – 2021

We’re currently not hiring for jobs but we thought we’d give you some tips when job hunting.

Social Media Jobs Cork

Some guidance after being on too many interview panels to remember them all but I remember the bad ones.

Social Media jobs Checklist

Be able to give examples of everything that is asked for in the job description. If’ve you’ve not used the exact tools, make sure that you’ve used their equivalent and tell them that. Some of these job descriptions are designed by committee and everyone throws something in for fear of not having a clue.

Ease their fear of hiring you

Remember, if they hire you, they’ll be blamed if you mess up but if you do really well, they’ll take all the credit. Make them think about how well they’ll be looked upon if you do an amazing job. Be subtle or not to subtle about that.

Content and Graphics

Content creation is always a crucial part of a social media job. Have a laptop with examples you’ve produced or print offs. Know how to use Buffer, Tweetdeck, Hootsuite and all the scheduling tools. Know how to use Canva. Sign up for a free account. Know how to shoot and produce videos.

Analytics and Reporting

Employers love reports and think everyone they hire should be able to do give them reports. None of the reports you work on will be read but they’ll want you to keep sending them. If you can generate a report where you can show the value of the work you’re doing, this is very good for you and good for the person that hired you. Look up the idea of ad equivalent value.

Ask them probing questions

How you ask them questions and what you ask is important. Know the brief. Ask them questions you might have on the first day and the first week of the job. This shows you are bought in to working with them and want want a running start. It’s not about catching them out but it’s a good way of seeing what level they’re on.

Look staff up on Linkedin

With privacy turned on, look up the company and staff on LinkedIn. See the job roles in there, look at how they describe the work and their jobs and use the same language when applying for the job. See what tech they’re using and put those skills into your application. And of course make sure that if you have a LinkedIn that it’s up to date.

Questions we’ve asked in job interviews

Who do you think is doing a good job of social media?
What do you think of our competitors?
How can we improve our own social media?
What do you see as trends for the next 3 years in social media?
We’re going to allocate you a budget of €5000 on digital, what would you spend it on?
We’re going to allocate you a budget of €2000 on personal development, what would you spend it on?
A new digital project is about to go live tomorrow, the press are invited, half the features don’t work and won’t be fixed by launch. What would you advise the CEO to do?
An impossible answer. We ask a question that does not have an answer to see how you would answer it.


From experience of interviews, here are some things not to do.

Don’t be late. But ring if you are late and your slot can be moved around.
Don’t curse even if you think the interviewer likes to curse.
If you are being interviewed by a panel of men and women, don’t direct all your answers to the men!
Don’t get defensive if you are asked a question.